31st March 2016
Mole Avon Sheep Farmer Evening a Great Success
Mole Avon Sheep Farmer Evening a Great Success

Mole Avon Town & Country Stores held a sheep farmers evening at the Waie Inn, Zeal Monachorum last month. The event featured guest speakers Dr John Vipond, SAC Consulting Senior Sheep Specialist, who talked about DUP supplementation of pregnant ewes and David Thornton, Technical Manager from Rumenco Ltd, who spoke about feeding ewes to maximise lambs survival. It was a huge success - a night enjoyed by all sheep farmers!

Here Mole Avon customers Roger and Dodie Huxter give a review of the evening:

“It was a full house for the evening with presentations by David Thornton of Rumenco and Dr John Vipond, a specialist in feeding analysis and research, working with SRUC. Both speakers stressed the importance of DUP (digestible ungradable protein), found in soya. Working with Dr John Vipond, Rumenco have produced a new feed block, Rumevite GrazeDUP, containing a high percentage of soya which optimises ewe and lamb performance on spring grass. It is particularly useful post lambing for just 4 weeks, helping in the important milk production peak period.”

“David Thornton also mentioned Lifeline buckets, an older product which most of those present must know by now, but something in which we personally have great faith.
Dr John Vipond emphasised the need to recognise the ewe's need for high energy intake and to ensure protein levels are sufficiently high to satisfy her needs in late pregnancy. Reduced appetite is a myth; it is smaller rumen capacity that needs to be acknowledged. To this end, the importance of having silage analysed, (free through Mole Avon), was mentioned to prevent over feeding of protein and to supplement silage with correct levels of energy and protein, to cut unnecessary costs and to avoid other pre lambing problems: prolapse, mastitis and twin lamb disease.”

“A complimentary drink to start the proceedings, a delicious shepherd’s pie supper to round off the event, an 'on the evening' only offer of a 10% reduction on the price of Graze DUP blocks made for a thoroughly interesting and informative evening.”

David Thornton comments on DUP supplementation; “The new Rumevite GrazeDUP block offers sheep farmers an easy and less disruptive way of feeding high quality rumen bypass protein to ewes and lambs after turnout.” Dr Vipond concludes “Here the new Rumevite GrazeDUP feed block is a forward step in sheep feeding.”

For more information on the GrazeDUP block or any other queries contact your local Mole Avon Town & County Stores; Axminster, Crediton or Okehampton.

10th March 2016
Marching into Spring at Mole Avon
Marching into Spring at Mole Avon

It’s Saturday morning, cold and dry, which after the weather we have been having is a real bonus! At Mole Avon Town & Country Stores we have been out pricing and displaying some primroses and polyanthus that have been delivered.  

Being out in the sunshine got me thinking of jobs that I could be out in the garden doing now:

  • The first thing that came to mind would be to put some manure on the veg patch. Although it is still way too wet to dig, putting manure on  top lets it seep into the soil and also helps keep the weeds down.
  • The greenhouse needs cleaning, disinfecting and a smoke bomb used to kill any overwintering bugs or diseases before you start  sowing new season seeds.
  • Prune back apple trees, overgrown shrubs, clematis and dead material on perennials and top dress with quick acting fertiliser like  Growmore.
  • Prune bush and floribunda roses back to an outward facing bud with nice sharp secateurs and top dress with a high potash rose  fertiliser.
  • Buy your favourite varieties of seed potatoes and leave to chit in trays in a cool, frost free position with plenty of light to give you short  stocky shoots ideal for planting in the veg plot as soon as conditions are right.
  • Plant onion seed in trays then plant out later when conditions improve.
  • Plant shallots and garlic in pots and leave in a cool greenhouse to shoot. As soon as the weather is ok they can go straight outside in  the garden to get ahead.
  • Sow tomato seeds in trays to plant in the greenhouse for a nice early crop of home grown tomatoes.
  • Wash down paths, patios and decking with Algon or Patio Wizard to get rid of slippery algae.
  • Plant up some tubs with pansies, primroses and polyanthus for some lovely early spring colour.
  • Check out the seed stands at Mole Avon Town & Country Stores in Mill Street for new varieties of vegetables and flowers.
  • Dead head daffodils and feed the clumps with fish blood and bone fertiliser to feed the bulb, this will give you another lovely show next  year and help the clumps expand.
  • Most important when the weather is right – get out into the garden and enjoy it!

Paul Leach, Retail Sales Manager at Mole Avon Town & Country Stores in Crediton 

1st March 2016
Donate to Munchkins Miniature Shetland Rescue through Mole Avon
Donate to Munchkins Miniature Shetland Rescue through Mole Avon

Munchkins Miniature Shetland Rescue is a self-funded organisation in East Devon that offers a home for life for ponies who have suffered abuse, neglect or abandonment. If you would like to donate anything to the munchkins you can do so through our Mole Avon store in Axminster or online.

You can read more about it on their website.

29th February 2016
Mole Avon Sponsor Yeofest

We're happy to sponsor the local (and very popular) beer festival Yeofest again this year, on Saturday 19th March in Yeoford!

Have a look at their Facebook page for more information.

22nd February 2016
Mole Avon & Tama UAT Present 1000 to Local Cancer Charity
Mole Avon & Tama UAT Present 1000 to Local Cancer Charity

Mole Avon Town & Country Stores and Tama UAT were delighted to present a cheque for £1000 to Cancer Research UK through the Okehampton Starlight Ladies recently. The local charity, which raises money for cancer, was very pleased with the donation.

Last summer Tama UAT made a limited production run of pink and black netwrap to raise awareness of breast cancer in rural communities. They teamed with the largest UK agricultural buying group United Farmers, whose members in the South West include Mole Avon Town & Country Stores, to exclusively distribute the limited quantity of pink net. The pink net is used by farmers to wrap bales of silage, hay and straw at the time it is made in the field.

Tama donated a percentage from the sale of each special roll of pink striped netwrap to a local breast cancer charity.

The charity is one close to the hearts of staff and customers at the Okehampton branch of Mole Avon and staff were happy to raise money for breast cancer in remembrance of a much loved colleague and friend who passed away last year.

“Cancer is a disease that has affected many of Mole Avon’s staff and customers, so we are pleased to be raising awareness in the rural community,” says Maria Cooper, Store Manager, “We are happy to support the Okehampton Starlight Ladies in memory of Jackie.

Mole Avon, in Exeter Road, Okehampton are continuing to fundraise for this worthy cause for 2016 and events have already started including a cake sale which raised in excess of £1000. More events and fundraisers are to follow, and another extremely popular fashion show is on the agenda… keep your diaries free for 7th and 8th October 2016!!

12th February 2016
Sheep Farmers Meeting

We would like to invite you to our Sheep Farmers Meeting at the Waie Inn (Zeal Monachorum, Crediton, EX17 6DF)

Tuesday 23rd February 2016. 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start.

A night not to be missed for all sheep farmers with the well-respected sheep consultant Dr John Vipond as the keynote speaker.

Joining us will be:

Dr John Vipond, SAC Consulting Senior Sheep Specialist;
“DUP supplementation of pregnant ewes”


David Thornton, Technical Manager, Rumenco Ltd;
“Feeding ewes to maximise lambs survival”

Also in attendance will be be representatives from Cydectin, IAE and Progiene.

RSVP - For catering purposes please book your place by calling your local Mole Avon branch by Saturday 20th February - Crediton 01363 774786 or Okehampton 01837 53886.

We hope you will be able to join us!

21st December 2015
Kindle competition
Kindle competition

Big congratulations to Jennie Roberts for winning the Kindle Fire HD from our website competition. We hope you enjoy your prize!

8th December 2015
Late Night Shopping
Late Night Shopping

We had a very successful late night shopping on Friday at our Town & Countrywear shop in Crediton, and customers enjoyed the mince pies and wine!

Here is Glenys (Fairy Godmother), Joan (Cinderella) and Daphne (Mother Christmas) getting into the Christmas spirit, and their Cinderella-themed window display!

See more on our Facebook page.

3rd December 2015
Crediton Christmas Tree Festival
Crediton Christmas Tree Festival

Come along to the Christmas Tree Festival in Crediton Parish Church from today until Sunday (free admission), where over 70 decorated and illuminated Christmas trees will be on display, including one from our Town & Countrywear shop.
We would like to say a big thankyou to Joyce Budd who, at 93 years old, kindly knits our Christmas decorations each year!

See more Mole Avon news on our Facebook page.

4th November 2015
Pet & Equine Days
Pet & Equine Days

We hope you enjoyed the Pet & Equine Days held at our Town & Country Stores in the past few weeks, take a look at a few photos from Axminster, Crediton and Okehampton on our Facebook page.

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